Our vision
To provide transformational change as a whole-system approach recognised by you and your stakeholders on your journey to quality.

MD Social Care consultants provides expertise and knowledge to assist safeguarding practice, development of social work front doors and specialist children case auditing.

Through the Shared Vision UK partnership we designed and deliver the practice based social work uplift programme recognised by Ofsted. The programmes unique tools ensure the highest standards of supervision, analysis and care planning.

We created the #voc #childsvoice national and international campaign and deliver this using technology and social media networks. This conversation is connecting professionals in the UK and across the world.

We deliver this together with nibconsulting.co.uk through our sister company nibsharedvision.uk


We uphold the standards of proficiency for the social work profession, developing and delivering efficient solutions that create value for our customers. We work based on your scope of practice and bring the knowledge, skills and experience to work lawfully, safely and effectively in a way that meets the required standards.