Marisa is a qualified Social Worker with statutory case management and strategic management experience as a Social Work practitioner and manager in Child Protection.

She has knowledge and experience as a specialist consultant and Project manager with development and implementation of Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub style models and its unique connectivity to Early Offer of Help and locality models in the UK.

In her native country of South Africa Marisa developed and successfully implemented training and life skills programmes as part of a non profit organisation to rehabilitate and strengthen youth, their families and communities in difficulty.

She delivered a combination of interventions and training in partnership with schools, youth offending institutions and within prisons with the aim to build skills and resilience so youth and their families felt empowered with the issues they faced then and in future.

Marisa has a longstanding interest in innovation and finding more effective ways of protecting children and vulnerable adults.

Marisa beliefs that efforts should be aimed at strengthening and empowering children, young people, families and their communities to create an environment where all feel supported and children and young people in particular can reflect, connect and problem solve.

As an approved ISO 9001:2008 QMS Auditor/ Lead Auditor for assessing quality management systems Marisa has experience of developing safeguarding systems and quality practice to enhance risk identification and harm prediction, traceability and continual improvement and currently conducts regular audits, stakeholder and gap analysis to highlight any areas of deficiency and potential system improvement for Local Authorities and their partnerships.

Marisa has recently presented at several national conferences concerning partnership working, intelligence led safeguarding and her Voice of the Child (#voc #childsvoice) national and international campaign.

MD Social Care Consultants ltd is a partner in nibsharedvision.uk and an associate to nibconsulting.co.uk.

Together the companies provide consultative advice and expertise in relation to safeguarding partnership arrangements, safeguarding audits and review of business systems and processes and project management (implementation, embedding and integrated pathways).