Marisa’s Profile

Qualifications and Experience
  • UK experience working with Children & Families. (BA Social Work Degree)
  • Strong experience within statute operational and strategic management including Early Help, Referral & Assessment, Child Protection & Court, and Looked after Settings
  • Passionate and committed to Early Help, Child Protection and Safeguarding matters with excellent experience working in line with the Children Act 1989, Children Act 2004 and United Nation Convention – the Rights of the Child 1989.
  • Strong experience of working, reviewing, and auditing safeguarding arrangements for non-profit organisations, statutory partnership arrangements, partnership processes and performance and reviewing of compliance of IT systems
  • Strong experience as a Local Safeguarding Children Board Business Manager – Knowledge and the understanding of Pan – London Audits, peer auditing and quality case management auditing and all partnership arrangements
  • Specialist Safeguarding Project Manager/Consultant with a proven record of accomplishment with implementing and embedding projects and improvement programmes successfully and since 2012.
  • Authority and Seniority through Project Sponsor leading and guiding senior management teams/ project leads and workstreams to improvement
  • Leader with proven skills in the supervision and performance management, mentoring, training, and appraisal of social workers and their safeguarding partners and overseeing budgets
  • Facilitator of Workshops risk analysis, risk management, partnership working in safeguarding, protection of vulnerable children and adults, quality assurance
  • ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor and Quality Knowledge Management and Business Improvement since 2015 – Certification number 3433. ISO has clear guidelines and goals set against international standards against which private, 3rd and voluntary sector and statutory organisations can measure achievement.
  • Current registration with the HCPC – Registration SW44478
Other Related Activities:
  • South African experience working with Communities, Conflict, and Offending Behaviour (children and adults), Child Protection, Group Work with toddlers, children and families and adults in prison (BA Social Work Degree) – Government organisation / and a Non-profit organisation (1998 to 2002)
  • Speaker at several National conferences in relation to Safeguarding (since 2010) which included BASPCAN and a speaker at ISPCAN (2017) in The Hague
  • Partner Nib Shared Vision ( – Shared Vision was created to be at the heart of safeguarding excellence through the delivery of a range of consulting services, innovation and design within safeguarding practice and the integration of all safeguarding professionals through multi-disciplinary conversations and events. All its work is aimed at uplifting safeguarding practice for both children and adult business areas and within any sector of delivery.
  • Director MD Social Care Consultants ltd. registered with Companies House since 13/11/2013.