Early Help Hubs

We have a strong commitment to prevention, diversion and intervention. We believe that prevention and early intervention can make a difference to children, young people and families, and that support offered early can significantly reduce the need to seek or receive help or support at a higher level of need.

We design, implement and support children partnerships, including the Local Authority, to ensure that all aspects are embedded into the routine delivery of all services.

Having a multi-agency model for children’s pathways that incorporates both Early Help and Safeguarding services ensures coordination between professionals and families and guarantees oversight on all step up and step down cases with clear communication and without in-built delay.

Pathways linked operationally to strategic development, commissioning and governance through such a model ensures different functions are incorporated to make sure children receive the support they need at the right time and in the right way in relation to prevention, diversion and intervention services.

The systems, plans and processes we design with you assist you to move towards achieving your aims.

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