Locality based services

We believe that locality-based services provide the best opportunities for the earliest intervention to deliver preventative strategies.

Key elements underpinning locality-based services are:

  1. A focus on early help, including a dedicated early help role with an emphasis on evidence-based interventions.
  2. Targeted support for identified children and families at key transition points.
  3. The use of a common set of processes for team around the family, the lead professional and referral pathways.
  4. Consultation and feedback from children and families to shape and influence provision.
  5. It is recognised that children may move from one level of need to another and that agencies may offer support at more than one level.
  6. There will be one point of contact in each locality to ensure a co-ordinated response; this will usually be the Locality Service Manager.
  7. A commissioning approach used to design the service. A cycle of rich data, informing outcomes at a locality level should be used to determine need and service redesigns enabling more refined delivery.
  8. A performance framework should be produced for each area to support performance and delivery.